The Presbyterian Hymnal: Hymns, Psalms, and Spiritual Songs


Psalm 24 Lift Up The Gates Eternal

    Lift up the gates eternal, lift up your voices;
    The King of glory comes, the nation rejoices.

1.  See, all the earth is God's, its people and nations;
    God built it on the deeps and laid its foundations.

2.  Who can go up this mountain, who stand in praising?
    Those who are pure, who come with clean hands upraising.

3.  They shall receive forgiveness, and have God's blessing
    If they will search for God, their Savior confessing.

4.  Come, lift your voices high, be lifted to glory;
    The Lord our God approaches, come, shout the story.

5.  Who is this glorious one, for whom we are waiting?
    We wait the mighty Lord, our God celebrating.

6.  Come, lift your heads with joy; come, lift up your tower;
    The King of glory comes in full might and power.

7.  Who is this King of glory of whom we're singing?
    Our God, the Lord of Hosts, the victory is bringing.

WORDS: Arlo D. Duba, 1984
MUSIC: Refrain: Willard F. Jabusch, 1966Israeli folk melody Arr. John Ferguson, 1973
Scripture: Psalm 24
Theme: Psalms