The Presbyterian Hymnal: Hymns, Psalms, and Spiritual Songs


Psalm 130 Out of the Depths

1.  Out of the depths to Thee I raise
    The voice of lamentation;
    Lord, turn a gracious ear to me,
    And hear my supplication.
    If Thou shouldst count our every sin,
    Each evil deed or thought within,
    O who could stand before Thee?

2.  To wash away the crimson stain
    Grace, grace alone prevaileth.
    Our works, alas! are all in vain;
    In much the best life faileth.
    For none can glory in Thy sight,
    All must alike confess Thy might
    And live alone by mercy.

3.  Therefore my trust is in the Lord,
    And not in mine own merit.
    On God my soul shall rest; God's word
    Upholds my fainting spirit.
    God's promised mercy is my fort,
    My comfort, and my strong support;
    I wait for it with patience.

4.  What though I wait the live-long night,
    And till the dawn appeareth,
    My heart still trusteth in God's might;
    It doubteth not nor feareth:
    So let the Israelites in heart,
    Born of the Spirit, do their part,
    And wait till God appeareth.

WORDS: Martin Luther, 1524
MUSIC: Trans. Richard Massie, 1854; alt. Martin Luther, 1524 Harm. Johann Sebastian Bach, 1740
Scripture: Psalm 130
Theme: Psalms