The Presbyterian Hymnal: Hymns, Psalms, and Spiritual Songs


We Gather Here to Bid Farewell

1.  We gather here to bid farewell
    To friends who leave for other parts;
    Our prayers we pledge, our love we tell,
    And lift to God our grateful hearts.

2.  We bless the hand that brought you here
    And richly blest us all in you:
    As now you leave for wider sphere
    God's covenant mercies we review.

3.  In friendship's bond our souls unite
    In prayer and praise and holy vow:
    To God's great heart of love and light
    Your kin in Christ commit you now.

4.  God guide you, keep you, lead you on
    From hope to hope, from strength to strength,
    Until, in God's all-glorious dawn,
    We meet before the throne at length.

WORDS: Margaret Clarkson, 1987
MUSIC: Musikalisches Handbuch, 1690 Harm. William Henry Monk, 1847
Theme: Church