Number: 141
Title: Children of the Heavenly Father
Author: Caroline V. Sandell-Berg, 1855;Ernst W. Olson, 1925
Theme: Adoration and Praise;Children's Choir Selections;Comfort;Faith;Grace;Home and Family;Providence;The Glory of the Triune God: Providence;The Sacraments and Rites of the Church: Funeral and Memorial Service;Trust

1 Children of the heavenly Father 
safely in his bosom gather; 
nestling bird nor star in heaven 
such a refuge e'er was given.

2 God his own doth tend and nourish; 
in his holy courts they flourish; 
from all evil things he spares them; 
in his mighty arms he bears them.

3 Neither life nor death shall ever 
from the Lord his children sever; 
unto them his grace he showeth, 
and their sorrows all he knoweth.

4 Though he giveth or he taketh,
God his children ne'er forsaketh;
his the loving purpose solely 
to preserve them pure and holy.