Number: 160
Title: Rejoice, Ye Pure in Heart
Composer: Arthur H. Messiter, 1889
Author: Edward H. Plumptre, 1865
Scripture: Psalm 20:4 Psalm 147:1 Philippians 4:4
Theme: Eternal Life;Jesus Christ;Joy;Music and Singing;Responses, Antiphonal;Service Music: Doxology;The Grace of Jesus Christ: In Praise of Christ

1.	Rejoice, ye pure in heart; 
	rejoice, give thanks, and sing; 
	your glorious banner wave on high, 
	the cross of Christ your King.

	Rejoice, rejoice, 
	rejoice, give thanks and sing.

2.	Your clear hosannas raise, 
	and alleluias loud; 
	whilst answering echoes upward float, 
	like wreaths of incense cloud. [Refrain]

3.	Yes, on through life's long path, 
	still chanting as ye go; 
	from youth to age, by night and day, 
	in gladness and in woe.  [Refrain]

4.	At last the march shall end; 
	the wearied ones shall rest; 
	the pilgrims find their heavenly home, 
	Jerusalem the blest. [Refrain]

5.	Praise God who reigns on high, 
	the Lord whom we adore, 
	the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 
	one God forevermore.  [Refrain]