The United Methodist Hymnal


Jesus! the Name High over All

1.	Jesus! the name high over all, 
	in hell or earth or sky; 
	angels and mortals prostrate fall, 
	and devils fear and fly.

2.	Jesus! the name to sinners dear, 
	the name to sinners given; 
	it scatters all their guilty fear, 
	it turns their hell to heaven.

3.	O that the world might taste and see 
	the riches of his grace!  
	The arms of love that compass me 
	would all the world embrace.

4.	Thee I shall constantly proclaim, 
	though earth and hell oppose; 
	bold to confess thy glorious name 
	before a world of foes.

5.	His only righteousness I show, 
	his saving truth proclaim; 
	'tis all my business here below 
	to cry, "Behold the Lamb!"

6.	Happy, if with my latest breath 
	I may but gasp his name, 
	preach him to all and cry in death, 
	"Behold, behold the Lamb!"

WORDS: Charles Wesley, 1749
MUSIC: Johann Crüger, 1647
Scripture: Philippians 2:9-11
Theme: Assurance; Christian Year: Baptism of the Lord; Christian Year: Baptism of the Lord; Jesus Christ; Jesus Christ: Name of; Testimony and Witness; The Grace of Jesus Christ: In Praise of Christ