Number: 248
Title: On This Day Earth Shall Ring
Composer: Gustav Holst, 1925
Author: Jane M. Joseph
Scripture: Matthew 2:1-12 Luke 2:6-14
Theme: Adoration and Praise;Biblical Narrative;Christ's Gracious Life: Birth and Baptism;Christ's Gracious Life: Birth and Baptism;Christian Year: Christmas;Christian Year: Christmas;Christian Year: Epiphany;Christian Year: Epiphany;Jesus Christ;Music and Singing;Salvation

1.	On this day earth shall ring 
	with the song children sing 
	to the Lord, Christ our King, 
	born on earth to save us; 
	him the Father gave us.

	Ideo-o-o, ideo-o-o, 
	ideo gloria in excelsis Deo!

2.	His the doom, ours the mirth; 
	when he came down to earth, 
	Bethlehem saw his birth; 
	ox and ass beside him 
	from the cold would hide him. 

3.	God's bright star, o'er his head, 
	Wise Men three to him led; 
	kneel they low by his bed, 
	lay their gifts before him, 
	praise him and adore him. 

4.	On this day angels sing; 
	with their song earth shall ring, 
	praising Christ, heaven's King, 
	born on earth to save us; 
	peace and love he gave us.