The United Methodist Hymnal


Let Us Plead for Faith Alone

1.	Let us plead for faith alone, 
	faith which by our works is shown; 
	God it is who justifies, 
	only faith the grace applies.

2.	Active faith that lives within, 
	conquers hell and death and sin, 
	hallows whom it first made whole, 
	forms the Savior in the soul.

3.	Let us for this faith contend, 
	sure salvation is the end; 
	heaven already is begun, 
	everlasting life is won.

4.	Only let us persevere 
	till we see our Lord appear, 
	never from the Rock remove, 
	saved by faith which works by love.

WORDS: Charles Wesley, 1740
Scripture: Ephesians 2:8-10
Theme: Christian Experience; Faith; Salvation; Sanctifiying and Perfecting Grace: Rebirth and the New Creation