The United Methodist Hymnal


The Voice of God is Calling

1.	The voice of God is calling 
	its summons in our day; 
	Isaiah heard in Zion, 
	and we now hear God say: 
	"Whom shall I send to succor 
	my people in their need? 
	Whom shall I send to loosen 
	the bonds of shame and greed?

2.	"I hear my people crying 
	in slum and mine and mill; 
	no field or mart is silent, 
	no city street is still. 
	I see my people falling 
	in darkness and despair. 
	Whom shall I send to shatter 
	the fetters which they bear?"

3.	We heed, O Lord, your summons, 
	and answer: Here are we! 
	Send us upon your errand, 
	let us your servants be. 
	Our strength is dust and ashes, 
	our years a passing hour; 
	but you can use our weakness 
	to magnify your power.

4.	From ease and plenty save us; 
	from pride of place absolve; 
	purge us of low desire; 
	lift us to high resolve; 
	take us, and make us holy; 
	teach us your will and way. 
	Speak, and behold! we answer;
	command, and we obey!

WORDS: John Haynes Holmes, 1913
MUSIC: William Lloyd, 1840
Scripture: Isaiah 6:8
Theme: Closing Hymns; Discipleship and Service; Sanctifiying and Perfecting Grace: Social Holiness; Social Concerns