The United Methodist Hymnal


Holy Spirit, Truth Divine

1.	Holy Spirit, Truth divine, 
	dawn upon this soul of mine; 
	Word of God and inward light, 
	wake my spirit, clear my sight.

2.	Holy Spirit, Love divine, 
	glow within this heart of mine; 
	kindle every high desire; 
	perish self in thy pure fire.

3.	Holy Spirit, Power divine, 
	fill and nerve this will of mine; 
	grant that I may strongly live, 
	bravely bear, and nobly strive.

4.	Holy Spirit, Right divine, 
	King within my conscience reign; 
	be my Lord, and I shall be 
	firmly bound, forever free.

WORDS: Orlando Gibbons, 1623; Samuel Longfellow, 1864
Theme: Christian Year: Pentecost; Church: Education; Commitment; Holy Spirit; Hope; Integrity; Sanctifiying and Perfecting Grace: Prayer, Trust, Hope