The United Methodist Hymnal


Jesus, Priceless Treasure

1.	Jesus, priceless treasure, 
	source of purest pleasure, 
	truest friend to me, 
	long my heart hath panted, 
	till it well-nigh fainted, 
	thirsting after thee. 
	Thine I am, O spotless Lamb, 
	I will suffer naught to hide thee, 
	ask for naught beside thee.

2.	In thine arms I rest me; 
	foes who would molest me 
	cannot reach me here. 
	Though the earth be shaking, 
	every heart be quaking, 
	Jesus calms our fear; 
	sin and hell in conflict fell 
	with their heaviest storms assail us; 
	Jesus will not fail us.

3.	Hence, all thoughts of sadness! 
	For the Lord of gladness,
	Jesus, enters in. 
	Those who love the Father, 
	though the storms may gather,
	still have peace within; 
	yea, whate'er we here must bear, 
	still in thee lies purest pleasure, 
	Jesus, priceless treasure!

WORDS: Catherine Winkworth, 1863; Johann Franck, 1653
MUSIC: J. S. Bach, 1723
Theme: Assurance; Calmness and Serenity; Sanctifiying and Perfecting Grace: Strength in Triublation