Number: 596
Title: Blessed Jesus, at Thy Word
Composer: Johann R. Ahle, 1664
Author: Catherine Winkworth, 1858;Tobias Clausnitzer, 1663
Theme: Church: Education;Opening Hymns;Providence;Service Music: Greeting/Call to Worship;Service Music: Litany Prayer;Service Music: Prayer for Illumination;The Book of the Church : Holy Scripture

1.	Blessed Jesus, at thy word 
	we are gathered all to hear thee; 
	let our hearts and souls be stirred 
	now to seek and love and fear thee, 
	by thy teachings sweet and holy, 
	drawn from earth to love thee solely.

2.	All our knowledge, sense, and sight 
	lie in deepest darkness shrouded, 
	till thy spirit breaks our night 
	with the beams of truth unclouded. 
	Thou alone to God canst win us; 
	thou must work all good within us.

3.	Glorious Lord, thyself impart! 
	Light of light, from God proceeding, 
	open thou our ears and heart; 
	help us by thy spirit's pleading;
	hear the cry thy people raises; 
	hear, and bless our prayers and praises.