The United Methodist Hymnal


O Word of God Incarnate

1.	O Word of God incarnate, 
	O Wisdom from on high, 
	O Truth unchanged, unchanging, 
	O Light of our dark sky: 
	we praise you for the radiance 
	that from the hallowed page, 
	a lantern to our footsteps, 
	shines on from age to age.

2.	The church from you, our Savior, 
	received the gift divine, 
	and still that light is lifted 
	o'er all the earth to shine. 
	It is the sacred vessel 
	where gems of truth are stored; 
	it is the heaven-drawn picture 
	of Christ, the living Word.

3.	The Scripture is a banner 
	before God's host unfurled; 
	it is a shining beacon
	above the darkling world. 
	It is the chart and compass 
	that o'er life's surging tide, 
	mid mists and rocks and quicksands, 
	to you, O Christ, will guide.

4.	O make your church, dear Savior, 
	a lamp of purest gold, 
	to bear before the nations 
	your true light as of old. 
	O teach your wandering pilgrims 
	by this their path to trace, 
	till, clouds and darkness ended, 
	they see you face to face.

WORDS: William W. How, 1867
MUSIC: Felix Mendelssohn, 1847
Theme: Gratitude; Jesus Christ: Incarnation; Light; Service Music: Prayer for Illumination; Service Music: Scripture Acclamations; The Book of the Church : Holy Scripture