Number: 675
Title: As the Sun Doth Daily Rise
Composer: W. H. Monk, 1861
Author: Horatio Nelson, 1864;J. Masters
Theme: Adoration and Praise;Gratitude;Morning Prayer;Particular Times of Worship: Morning;Service Music: Doxology;Table Graces

1.	As the sun doth daily rise, 
	brightening all the morning skies, 
	so to thee with one accord 
	lift we up our hearts, O Lord.

2.	Day by day provide us food, 
	for from thee come all things good; 
	strength unto our souls afford 
	from thy living bread, O Lord.

3.	Be our guard in sin and strife; 
	be the leader of our life; 
	lest from thee we stray abroad, 
	stay our wayward feet, O Lord.

4.	Quickened by the Spirit's grace 
	all thy holy will to trace 
	while we daily search thy Word, 
	wisdom true impart, O Lord.

5.	Praise we, with the heavenly host, 
	Father, Son, and Holy Ghost; 
	thee would we with one accord 
	praise and magnify, O Lord.