Number: 679
Title: O Splendor of God's Glory Bright
Composer: William Knapp, 1738
Author: Ambrose of Milan, 4th century;Robert S. Bridges, 1899
Theme: Christian Year: Epiphany;Christian Year: Epiphany;Guidance;Kingdom Of God;Light;Morning Prayer;Particular Times of Worship: Morning;The Glory of the Triune God: Praise and Thanksgiving;Trinity

1.	O splendor of God's glory bright, 
	O thou that bringest light from light; 
	O Light of light, light's living spring, 
	O day, all days illumining.

2.	O thou true Sun, on us thy glance 
	let fall in royal radiance; 
	the Spirit's sanctifying beam 
	upon our earthly senses stream.

3.	The Father, too, our prayers implore,
	Father of glory evermore; 
	the Father of all grace and might, 
	to banish sin from our delight.

4.	To guide whate'er we nobly do, 
	with love all envy to subdue; 
	to make ill fortune turn to fair, 
	and give us grace our wrongs to bear.