Number: 732
Title: Come, We That Love the Lord
Composer: Aaron Williams
Author: Isaac Watts, 1707
Scripture: 1 John 3:3
Theme: Heaven;Joy;Music and Singing;New Heaven and a New Earth: The Completion of Creation (The City of God);Pilgrimage;Service Music: Greeting/Call to Worship;Testimony and Witness;Triumph;Zeal

1.	Come, we that love the Lord, 
	and let our joys be known; 
	join in a song with sweet accord, 
	and thus surround the throne.

2.	Let those refuse to sing 
	who never knew our God; 
	but children of the heavenly King 
	may speak their joys abroad.

3.	The hill of Zion yields 
	a thousand sacred sweets 
	before we reach the heavenly fields, 
	or walk the golden streets.

4.	Then let our songs abound, 
	and every tear be dry; 
	we're marching through Emmanuel's ground, 
	to fairer worlds on high.