Come, Peace of God

Composer: Eugene Butler
Author: May Rowland
Publisher: Whitmore and Smith (Abingdon Press)
Pages: 7
Copies: 21
Publish Date: 1966


Come, peace of God, and dwell again on earth,
Come with the calm that hailed thy Prence's birth,
Come, peace of God, that this world needs so much.
Break ev'ry weapon forged in fires of hate,
Turn back the foe that would assail thy gate;
Where fields of strife lie desolate and bare
Take thy sweet flow'rs of peace and plant them there.
Bring selfish live from shadowlands of loss
Into the radiance of the Savior's cross,
Where in that gift, yet so lone,
Life finds its brotherhood and love its throne.
Come, peace of God.
Come, blessed peace as when in hush of eve
God's benediction falls on sould who grieve;
As shines a star when weary day departs,
Come, peace of God, and rule within our hearts.