Dwell in Me

Composer: Dana Mengel
Author: Martha J. Lankton
Publisher: Harrold Flammer Music
Voicing: SATB
Pages: 6
Copies: 26
Publish Date: 1997


Dwell in me oh blesed spirit, How I need thy help divine! In the way of life eternal, Keep, oh keep, this heart of mine. Let me feel thy sacred presence; then my faith will never decline. Blessed spirit, comfort me and Fill with love this heart of mine. Dwell in me Holy spirit all divine, dwell in me, blessed spirit, fill with love this heart of mine. Round the cross where thou hast led me, let my purest feelings twine; With the blood from sin that cleansed me, Seal anew this heart of mine. Dwell in me, O blessed spirit, gracious teacher, friend divine.