Jesus, Our Song In The Night

Composer: Mark Patterson
Author: Mark Patterson
Publisher: Glory Sound
Voicing: SATB
Pages: 11
Copies: 11
Publish Date: 1997


Darkness may cover the light of day, shadows may circle the dawn.
Morning may seem like a life-time away, night may linger too long.
Storm clouds may color the skies with gray, spring may surrender to snow.
And the cold winds in darkness may blow, but the light of the world is Jesus.
Long nights of winter may come to stay,

He is our hope burning bright, and the sound of His voice keeps calling us home,
Jesus, our song in the night.

Darkness may find us and take its hold, sin may unsettle our faith.
Doubt may discover the depth of the soul, driving our courage away.
Silence may shackle the song of joy, fear may fetter the praise.
Sadness may swallow the weary voice as we bow down to pray, but the light of the world is Jesus.

He is the rock, He is the strength, He is the power and might.
He is the voice ringing with hope, He is our song in the night!
Yes, the light of the world is Jesus.
Jesus, our only hope, Jesus our only light, Jesus our only voice,
Jesus our only song in the night.