A Whisper, a Candle, a Promise

Composer: Douglas Nolan
Author: Douglas Nolan
Publisher: Shawnee Press, Inc.
Voicing: SATB
Pages: 10
Copies: 5
Publish Date: 1998


Love came with a whisper, a baby's low cry,
a child in a manger, a soft lullaby.
From heaven's hosannas to earth's lonely sighs,
love came with a whisper in the night.

Love came with a candle to shine in the night.
The glory of heaven to earth gave its light.
The stars in the heavens rejoiced at the sight.
Love came with a candle in the night.

For long earth had searched for a king with a sword,
to raise up an army, a prince great in war.
But God sent us Jesus in peace from above
to rule with compassion, to teach us to love.

Love came with a promise for everyone;
no longer will darkness hide the true sun.
The morning has broken; rejoice in the light.
Love came with a promise,
Love came with a candle,
Love came with a whisper in the night.